Web Application


Java:   Wisual IT provides Java-based solutions that

Address a company’s specific requirement
Enable it to perform to its potential
Help it meet the market demands


Java technology has become the lava of activity ever since the internet transformed the business world. Companies now seek systems that are built on powerful and trustworthy technologies in order to adapt and compete better.

Microsoft .Net
Wisual IT utilizes Microsoft's technological capability to optimize a client's performance.The services and solutions offered by Wisual IT using Microsoft technologies include

.Net architecture consulting
Platform migration
Application integration
Project management
Packaged solutions

Open Source & Linux

Wisual IT has successfully integrated multiple technologies and provided support services and resources while employing Open Source. The company's expertise in Open Source Technology (OST) helps it offer an array of services.

Providing organization-specific solutions using OST
Drafting a roadmap for adopting OST
Maintaining & supporting OST-based systems